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Best Car Buyers in Christchurch

Posted On June 15th, 2020

If you are looking to sell your car in Christchurch, there are many ways to do so. In this article, we will go over the best car buyers in Christchurch.


As a car owner, it is natural that you are interested in best car buyers in Christchurch. One option is selling your car at a dealer. It is usually a quick way of selling your car as dealers will generally buy cars as long as they are not extensively damaged and mechanically fine. However, by selling your car at a dealer, you will compromise the value of your car  – dealers are known to pay far less than the actual market value of vehicles because they intend to resell it and make a profit.


Private buyers probably pay the best, however, it is not a pleasant process to find the correct private buyer. You will mostly get time-wasters and lowballers instead of real buyers. Selling a car to a private buyer may take anywhere from weeks to months.

Metro Car Buyer

The best car buyer in Christchurch is Metro Car Buyer. At Metro Car Buyer, you will be able to sell any type of car in any condition and get paid top dollar. There is nothing to worry about if your car is old, damaged or not running. Metro Car Buyer is willing to pay cash for cars in any condition even if it’s damaged and not running. You will also have free car removal service – no charges at all. Looking to get rid of your car in Christchurch? Or maybe need quick cash. Metro Car Buyer got you covered. Cash paid on the spot for your vehicle and towed away at no cost to you.


Contact us for the best quotation for your damaged car. We buy and collect your car. We pay immediately and in cash. Fill in the form and send us the vehicle information. We buy every type of car for cash, both damaged and normal as long as it has the documents in order. The transport will be carried out with our tow trucks and the costs are entirely at our expense.


If you have a recent ACCIDENT car and you don’t want to repair it or you don’t have the convenience to do it, WE BUY IT! We offer you: – Excellent quotes thanks to an expert who will be able to give the right value to the car. Maximum seriousness and transparency in all phases of the operation For your offers contact us by phone or send well-defined photos of your car to our email address, we will make our immediate evaluation.


We buy crashed cars throughout Italy, We guarantee the utmost seriousness and professionalism in the handling of the necessary paperwork.


When you have the misfortune of having an accident and our car reports serious damage, we often think only of scrapping it considering the anti-cheapness of its possible repair.

This is a widespread and completely wrong practice.

A car even if “broken” has its own specific market value, so don’t make the mistake of scrapping it and supporting its costs, but sell it and monetize it, at least you will have a nest egg for your next car.

We evaluate damaged cars of private individuals, companies and dealers for free, giving concrete value to the damaged car and at the same time, we offer to buy it and collect it even if it is not possible to put it back on the road.