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Posted On June 15th, 2020

If you are looking to sell your car in Christchurch, there are many ways to do so. In this article, we will go over the best car buyers in Christchurch.   As a car owner, it is natural that

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Posted On November 28th, 2019

An electric car has the quality that its propulsion system is formed by one or more electric motors that feed on the energy stored in a rechargeable battery. This battery is recharged

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Posted On July 17th, 2019

There are two kinds of people that exist in the world, ones that create the mess, and the ones that clear it up. It’s not just about your physical environment that can be messed-up, anything in your

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Posted On February 6th, 2019

Selling a car is a task, isn’t it? But we do it, for the need of a better, shinier ride. We’re all guilty of wanting a nicer car, sometimes right after buying a new one! But you know what? Life

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Posted On November 28th, 2018

One thing that most people forget about writing an AD to sell a car, is that it’s ultimately an ad. People do want to buy your car, but the only representation of the car that you can showcase onlin

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Posted On November 19th, 2018

Buying a car is a task that requires a sufficient amount of research and effort on the part of the car buyer. Online or offline, buying or selling a

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Posted On October 3rd, 2018

I wish I had billions of dollars in my bank account so I could just buy a new and shiny ride and just scrap my old car. But I don’t. Whi

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Posted On May 12th, 2018

Finding the right car buyer in Christchurch is not hard - Simply contact Metro Car Buyer

It is often complicated and time consuming not knowing which car buyer to deal with specially if you

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Posted On November 9th, 2017

Water can cause a great deal of damage to a car; and, while shopping you want to know the warning signs that a car has suffered water damage, just as you want to know if it is repairable.

Metro C

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