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Can Flood Damaged Cars Be Repaired by Metro Car Buyer NZ in Christchurch?

Posted On November 9th, 2017

Water can cause a great deal of damage to a car; and, while shopping you want to know the warning signs that a car has suffered water damage, just as you want to know if it is repairable.

Metro Car Buyer NZ offers the following information on flood-damaged cars:

Firstly, you want to ask if the car is worth repairing. You may have a car with little value, and the cost of the damage exceeds its value. In a case like this, it is not suggested that you make the investment of repairs.

Once you determine the car’s worth, get the damage assessed. You should get no less than three estimates from a specialist that repairs flood-damaged cars.

Now that you know the value of your car and have shopped for estimates determine if the cost of repairing the car is worth its value. Do the costs of repairs exceed its value? If so, then you will likely want to sell your car to a removal company that will buy it “As Is.”

There are different types of flood damage such as saltwater and freshwater, and mechanical and cosmetic. When a car has freshwater damage, it is more likely repairable. When it has saltwater damage, the salt is extremely corrosive, and it can create a great deal of damage to the car’s exterior, interior, and engine.

If the damage to the car is cosmetic, it will be much easier to repair than a car that has suffered from mechanical water damage. That is not to say that either is guaranteed to be repairable. It does depend on the damage the car has suffered.

Water damage can create years of troubles for the car owners. For car owners that are facing repairing a flood-damaged car, Metro Car Buyer NZ will buy your car, paying you its value in broken parts that are reconditioned, and recycling. We are expert wreckers and recyclers in Christchurch, NZ that buy all makes & conditions of flood-damaged cars, paying top dollars. With us, you only have to call to get a quote and accept our cash offer for us to be quick on our way to buy & remove your car.

Get more information by calling us at 027 555 2244. We buy all classes of cars – sedans, SUVs, vans, caravans, Utes, 4WDs and more!