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Your junk car is our treasure

At Metro Car Buyer NZ, we recycle junk cars for their profit in metals, putting a great sum of cash in your hands. We pay up to $9,999 for cars of any make and condition. We are the pros for your junk car removal & recycle to get the most cash when you call Metro NZ.

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We Pay Top Cash for Junk Cars in Christchurch, NZ

Get cash in hand for your junk car from Metro Car Buyer NZ. We cannot wait to make you an offer for your junk car that we will recycle for free. Junk car owners can expect a top dollar quote from us regardless of just how “junky” the condition of your car. We make quotes over the phone and online with our top dollar cash quote being $9,999. Now, most junk cars are not worth that amount, but we typically quote no less than a couple of hundred for junk cars that are severely damaged.

We Are Your Towing Company That Collects Your Car for Free

At Metro Car Buyer NZ, we are the removal company that provides our local customers with free towing. Your car may be in the middle of a field deteriorating away for years, or maybe it’s been involved in an auto collision. Regardless of its whereabouts in Christchurch or its condition, we will buy the car. We buy junk cars and pay our customers the recyclable value for their cars. Don’t wait for a quote. Contact us over the phone or online.

We Recycle Junk Cars for Free

We are your recycling company that collects your junk car and recycles it for free. There are no towing fees, and no recycling fees when you have us as your junk car buyer. Our recyclers are experts in recycling cars, practising the green principles of car recycling, assuring our customers that a minimal carbon imprint is left on the environment and a maximum cash payment is put into their hands for the recycling of their junk car.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Metro Car Buyer NZ, you choose a junk car buyer that will likely give you the best price you’ll receive for your junk car. We are a buyer in Christchurch that has years of experience in buying and recycling junk cars.

Our team is a team of dedicated professionals that do their jobs well. So well, we eliminate the stress associated with getting rid of a junk car. With our buying system, you have the convenience of getting a cash quote over the phone or online, and not having to leave your property to get your car sold. We buy cars and come to the locations of our customers with all the necessary paperwork and the cash to buy the car.

With Metro Car Buyer NZ, you have a buyer that will buy your car today. Not just buy your car, but offer you top dollar for your junk car.

Get A Quote

We are ready to make you a quote for your car. You give us a call at the number below or fill out our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page. Our appraisers will make you a top dollar quote regardless of the severity of damage to your junk car. We only require the make, model, year, and a complete description of your car to provide you with a cash quote up to $9,999.

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Call 027 555 2244

Get in touch today and get top dollar for your vehicle
Get in touch today and get top dollar for your vehicle