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Metro car buyer Christchurch is also a car wrecker where you can sell your car for parts and get more cash for it. We have a team of car wreckers where vehicles are used for spare parts for other cars and that is a reason where customer get more cash for their car from Metro car buyer.

If you have an old scrap car that is taking up space and looking to turn it into instant cash then “Metro Car Buyer” has been unwanted car owners choice.

We have a dedicated team that is only buying cars for wrecking and selling used auto parts. We are your local car wrecker that will pay up to [price] instant cash for your car.

Can I sell my Damage car

If you a damaged car that cannot be repaired or the cost of repair might be higher then we at Metro car buyer can purchase your damaged car for top cash and it can be any make or model.

Regardless of the car’s damaged we’ll buy it instantly. We provide highest cash rate for your car whether the car is located in Christchurch or surrounding regions and also remove it from your premises.

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Get in touch today and get top dollar for your vehicle
Get in touch today and get top dollar for your vehicle