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You are 3 Steps Away from a More Organised Car

Posted On July 17th, 2019

There are two kinds of people that exist in the world, ones that create the mess, and the ones that clear it up. It’s not just about your physical environment that can be messed-up, anything in your own life has the capacity to get messed up. This is also the reason that we need the other kind of person who can clean everything up, sort things out in your head, in your life, in your room and sometimes even your car.

But then there exists another typography of humans, the ones who make your life easier by offering convenient services and free benefits for your old car.

If you are any of the two, you need to get the most out of this article!



Sometimes when you get a sudden wave of nihilistic thoughts you wonder what the point of is cleaning this vehicle of yours when all your effort is going to be required again in a few days. You know your cycle, you know your habits, you know whatever you keep wherever its always going to end up in the same spot.


How to get your KonMari on?


If you aren’t familiar with it yet, KonMari is the art introduced by Marie Kondo for organised living. Your car is a place that needs to be clean, not just for your mental peace, but also for you to be able to find everything faster and be more efficient.

Here are a few tips that we did some research on and are easy to implement, even if you have absolutely zero free time.


The Masterplan

Scheduling things is important. Once a week, or once in two weeks, schedule a clean-up of your vehicle. Till then, don’t clean every day. If you think you need a cleaning, just assign a time when you don’t have a lot of energy but do have some time.

Cleaning is vaguely therapeutic too, so you can also schedule it according to that. For example, one of my colleagues usually cleans and organises her car and her home every week after her pay check is out. She also decided that he would use cleaning as a reward to go shopping later. But she always ended up feeling too tired after and saving a lot of money!


The Cereal Box, Shoe Holder, Remote-control Holder, and more

The old hacks! Use a cereal box to get the trash into, you can easily carry it in and out. The remote control holder helps you to organise small things that you might need later in the car, like your sanitizers, hand creams, makeup, shoe polish, etc.

The shoe holder can help you arrange larger items that you might need to carry every day, or specifically on some days. Its easily accessible and using a transparent one will save you loads of time finding stuff!


Let it go!


If you think its high time you eliminate this time-consuming, effort-taking activity of maintaining your car, then it is time to sell your car to a reliable car buyer in Christchurch, that will take your car off your hands. As we all know, selling a car in Christchurch is not exactly easy, and you might want to get rid of your vehicle as soon as you can. This is where Metro Car Buyer comes into the picture and saves the day!

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