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How Does an Electric Car Work?

Posted On November 28th, 2019

An electric car has the quality that its propulsion system is formed by one or more electric motors that feed on the energy stored in a rechargeable battery. This battery is recharged by power either by plugging the vehicle into an electrical outlet or by means of a self-regeneration system, especially during braking.


  1. Electric Car Motor

The electric motor is responsible for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is what drives the car. The engine is also capable of recovering energy that comes from the regenerative braking system.

The electric motor, in turn, consists of:

  1. The batteries

They are a key element for the autonomy of the vehicle, the benefits and for the final price it will have since it is the most expensive component. The more capacity you have, the more kilometres you can travel with each recharge.

This is because the batteries of electric cars are responsible for storing the energy – in the form of direct current – that arrives from the charger. Currently, the most commonly used type of batteries are lithium-ion batteries, from 16 kWh capacity such as the one installed by the Peugeot iOn, Citroën C-Zero or Mitsubishi i-Miev; of 28 kWh in the case of the Hyundai Ioniq; 41 kWh like the Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf; 64 kWh as the Kona EV; or 90 kWh like the Jaguar i-Pace.

  1. Transformers

They are responsible for transforming the alternating current that comes from the electrical network into direct current, which is what is stored in the batteries. In this way, the voltages at which both the motor and the batteries work are balanced.

Why use electricity?

On a mechanical level, electric cars cannot be simpler. The number of moving parts is reduced to the maximum, there are hardly any wear parts and they are the most reliable engines known to humans. On the other hand, they are the most efficient there is , they make more than 90% of the energy they consume move.

However, not all the energy of the batteries is used, and energy is lost by the heat of the batteries, in the transformation of electricity, transport and by the vehicle’s own wheels. Even considering all the losses, the efficiency is unquestionably superior to a conventional or hybrid car .

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