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How to Write a good car sale ad

Posted On November 28th, 2018

One thing that most people forget about writing an AD to sell a car, is that it’s ultimately an ad. People do want to buy your car, but the only representation of the car that you can showcase online is your ad.

A lot of people struggle with writing a good car sale ad. Therefore, they end up selling their vehicles at a lower price, because of the lack of good offers.


Why is a good ad important?


But the question remains unanswered: What should you put in a car sale ad?

  1. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

    : Click pictures from at least 9 different angles. Do not spam but give a full look of the car. If you leave anything to the imagination of the buyer, be assured that they will assume everything on their own. And as we know, most presumptuous buyers will “expect the worst”. This means that anything that isn’t there on your images, is either broken or just not there! (This is what buyers assume)
    Hence, click click click!

  2. Be the sun
    To sell your car quickly for instant cash, make the ad a bright piece to look at. Anything that isn’t too bright, is dull. And dull is something the average audience doesn’t generally pay attention to. If your audience’s attention isn’t captured by your ad, you might not get the best offer as the might have ignored your advertisement.
  3. Honesty is the best policy

    You might argue that being honest will not get you the price that you want, but understand this, the person buying the car will find out whatever you’re hiding within the first 15 minutes. Then they will end up rejecting your car. This will be a waste of your valuable time, and the buyer’s as well. Yet, if you are honest and give out the car description clearly, you will get the buyer who is comfortable with the faults in your car and it will be a happily ever after!

  4. Explain as you would to your girlfriend

    You need to explain every single minute detail about your vehicle, even the ones that you think are of little or no importance to the buyer. You need to list down everything that is either an advantage or a disadvantage and make sure they buy the car with prior knowledge of all of it.


This is how you can write an ad if you want to sell an old car in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world.