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Things to Do Before You Scrap Your Car

Posted On November 16th, 2022

So you have finally decided to get rid of your old car. You are tasked with several things if you sell to a private buyer. From taking flattering pictures, and creating a suitable listing to negotiating with multiple buyers, there are one too many things to take care of. 

However, the checklist is much shorter if you are scrapping your car. Yet, this information can be hard to find or overwhelming. To make things just a tad easier, we have rounded up the checklist for you to pay attention to. 

1. Get An Estimation

Always, always start with a valuation. As experts suggest there is nothing more crucial than knowing the market conditions before you scrap your car. Knowing the value of your car will let you determine the best course of action going forward. We must however throw in a word of caution and suggest you get this car valuation from a reliable source. 

Look to a reputed car wrecker who has expert know-how in the field to provide this. A reliable car scrapper will draw from current market conditions and automobile expertise to give you a mostly accurate estimate. 

When you choose Scrap Cars Removal, you will receive quotes that are:


– Instant 

– Accurate 

2. Prepare Your Paperwork

Selling your car to a private buyer will come with a lot of paperwork to handle. You will have to most likely submit several documents. These include but are not limited to registration papers, service history, proof of ownership, roadworthy certificate, a notice of disposal, and all other receipts. If you are scrapping your car instead, paperwork is not something you usually have to bother with. 

In the case of reliable car wreckers, you can trust them to handle these things for you. As they are highly experienced in the automobile field, they will be able to procure the necessary documents without breaking a sweat. Even if you don’t have your registration papers due for some reason, the car wrecker will take care of it for you. 

However, you can help out by keeping these documents ready:

– Valid government ID 

– Registration details for proof of ownership 

– Scrap certificate if applicable 

3. Clean Out Your Car 

While it might not be as important a task as it would be if you were selling your car to a private buyer. Cleaning out the interiors of your car is always a good idea before you hand it over to someone else. As opposed to having to wash and wax the exterior of your car before selling, before scrapping you just have to do a thorough inspection sweep of your interiors. 

This is an important box to tick so you can be sure that no valuables are left behind in your car. It is also a crucial step that you simply should not miss because once the car wreckers remove it from your premises it might be too late. Usually, a car in particularly poor condition is often sent straight to the wrecking facility for further dismantling. If it is something valuable to you but seems invaluable to a common on-looker, chances are that it will be destroyed.

4. Make It Easy

Now, this is a word of advice, to make things easy as possible for both you and the wrecker. While it might look like things possibly can’t get easier than selling your car to a car wrecker, there are some things you can do to ease things further.

Here are some things you can do to make the process as easy as possible:

When you are outright honest with the details of your car, it not only generates an accurate estimation but also eases up the inspection process. Additionally, if any special equipment is required the car wrecker will be able to arrange for it before they arrive at the location. 

Most car wreckers will offer their services from estimates to car removals on the very same day. If you are busy on the day, make sure you schedule it for a day of your convenience. Since your identity has to be verified ensure you are present for the sale.

Once you have agreed upon the quote, you probably want things to move as quickly as possible. To ensure that it does, keep registration papers, a valid ID, and your keys ready. This will enable the car wreckers to conduct a quick inspection and pay you quickly.